About Fortune

Fortune at Panteria 2017

A Venetian courtesan with a Welsh name.

Fortune is the daughter of an Italian noblewoman and a Welsh fabric merchant and was raised in Venice with her mother’s family when her parents passed away when she was young. Having a noblewoman’s education and skills, but not quite the position due to her father’s dealing in trade and not suited for the cloistered life of the nunnery, Fortune found the best position for her was as one of Venice’s famous courtesans.

As a cortigiana onesti, or honest courtesan, she hosts fabulous parties and holds salons for artists, poets, and politicians. Fortune is widowed, probably, it has been some time since we’ve seen what’s-his-name. He lived on the mainland anyway. She also spends much of her time educating others, and mentoring other young ladies who might follow the courtesan path.

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