Food and Drink


Food Allergy: Avacado, Raw apples, soy milk, edamame (raw soy)

Likes: Grapes, pasta, dried meat (jerky), olives, Cheeze-It’s, pickles, deli meats, meat in general. Fish, bacon, garlic, seafood. Cheese and cheese sauces. Poutine.

Dislikes: Blue cheese, dolmas, hot peppers, spicy foods,pears, peaches, melons,

Drinks: PBR, Belgium ale, gin and tonic. Seltzer, iced coffee(light with Splenda). Tea, Mead. Strong PBR (Canada)


Food Allergy: Elderflower

Likes: Cheese (especially cheddar), meats, salmon, shellfish, mushrooms, fresh fruit, especially plums and berries

Dislikes: Onions, swiss cheese, pears, sourdough bread, celery, organ meats, pickled meats, olives, spicy foods, and tea in almost all of its forms.

Drinks: Cider, lemonade, water, mead, iced coffee (with cream). (Dislikes tea)