Fortune’s Favor

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Detailed Instructions: PDF , .docx , SVG Graphic

Fortune’s favor.


  • A black background with gold wheel with a 5 pointed crown on top.
  • The gold is DMC – 742, but other similar colors will also work


  • Finished favors should be 3 inches wide, and a total
    of 21 inches long.
  • They will then be folded in half for use as a belt favor.


Her Majesty Fortune hopes all contributors will have fun and be
creative with making her favors, so she welcomes all
techniques, and is open to creative license. Favors can be
done with embroidery, paint, applique, bead work, attached
metalwork, or any other technique.

Finished Favors

Please include a note with your SCA name and your modern name and mailing address with any favors you give.

Favors can be mailed to the favor coordinator, Baroness Marieta Charay or they may be handed to any of Princess Fortune’s Retainers or Baroness Marieta at an event.

If you have any questions please contact:

Thank you for your time, creativity and generosity!

Mailing address-

Marieta Charay
Stephanie Schanda
100 Wilson Street
Marlborough MA, 01752