Royal Whims

  • The practice of training deputies is right and good, and helps the Society continue to grow. Their Majesties would encourage present and past officers throughout the kingdom to mentor others. 
  • Her Majesty continues to support the Known World Courtesans, and especially the East Kingdom Courtesans. Empower, inspire, educate!
  • Excellent hosts know the value of finger foods at their events, to encourage their guests to mingle freely.
  • As this will be a summer reign, coffee should be iced and served with cream (no sugar).
  • Dark chocolate is the only period chocolate (or should we say, dark chocolate is the only chocolate, period?) There are acceptable adulterations, namely sea salt, caramel, or raspberry.
  • When libations are appropriate, Her Majesty would appreciate amaretto sours and lemoncello. His Majesty would appreciate Belgian ales, various sours, and Tir Maran PBR.